Thursday, 25 July 2013

Ich vermisse Berlin

I thought a lot about my travel plans for Berlin since my post a few weeks ago, no change from usual really. I came to the conclusion that because its so far away it makes it easy to get frustrated and feel like giving up. It was very much Berlin or bust when I decided. Berlin or die, even. So much of my life has felt like a live or die choice... I've realised giving up isn't an option and that I need to make the most of the next few months in all parts of my life. This was never about running away.... 

It's my birthday next month, I'll be 31. I've decided that I'd like spend it in Berlin, of course. It'll a good opportunity to remind myself why I'm uprooting myself from my friends and family, leaving a steady job, my boyfriend and cat behind, albeit temporarily, to live in a strange city where I don't even speak the extremely complicated language. That doesn't sound silly to me, it sounds exciting. Isn't that what life's supposed to be about when you're young and have no commitments.

That's a picture of me and the boy on our first trip to Berlin a couple of years ago. See how happy, and drunk, we look. Berlin life everyday, friend.

I've booked my tickets and now I'm just waiting for my birthday to roll round... I say just waiting but actually there's lots to look forward to in between. 

Aside from Berlin, here are a few of the August highlights:
 Hopefully I'll get the chance to write about some of them x


  1. Hehe thanks for mentioning me in your blog mate! :) All sounds like great progress. You're not running away, the best things in life stay with you! x

  2. shame i missed the carnival. something tells me it is still not a place to take a wife and a baby despite its efforts to make it appear as safe.

    1. Hello Spale! I probably wouldn't take a baby to carnival not because of safety but more because it might impede my dancing and red stripe drinking.

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