Tuesday, 16 July 2013

Social cleansing in Brixton.

Yesterday 75 residents were forcefully evicted from their homes in Rushcroft Rd, Brixton. Some had lived there for over 30 years. People lost their homes and we have lost an important part of our community. Many of the flats will be sold off to private developers, priced out of the reach of most long term residents. This action will irrevocably change the character of central Brixton.
On a lighter note, the cops in this picture look like they are posing for some kind of awful copper boyband from the 90s

You can find more about the eviction on the Brixton Buzz website, take a look at this  photo report  and article including some videos from the day.

Read the article and photo and video report on the Brixton Blog

UPDATE: 25th July, things have gotten a lot worse on Rushcroft Road since the squatters got kicked out. The new occupants are playing bongos.

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